Dino Pen Pot - Pink
Dino Pen Pot - Pink Dino Pen Pot - Pink Dino Pen Pot - Pink

This really cute animal shape soft toy pencil / pen stand is a perfect organizer for every child's desk. Choose the favorite animal of your child in different colors and add fun to their Desks. It has 3 compartments which can hold all pens, pencils and other items in one place.

It is a pen stand made out of soft toy Which can be easy to clean as the pen pot can be pulled out. They are so cute that you want to hug them.

Organize your child's study table in a quirky way.

It is a perfect gift for any occasion, be it Birthday, Christmas, Party favor .

We promise that this stand will definitely bring a smile to any child's face.

Dimensions Apprx : 30 cm Wide x 28 cm Tall